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FREE WK Firestorm Mustang • Get Your Free Second Life Pet Horse

FREE WK Firestorm Mustang • Get Your Free Second Life Pet Horse

FREE WK Firestorm Mustang is a free Pet Horse in Second Life and I got one. You can get one for free from the following locations in Second Life:

I went to one of those locations and got one Free WK Firestorm Mustang. WK means Wild Kajaera.

After getting one, I went to the NCI Sandbox and unpacked the crate holding the free WK Firestorm Mustang.

I thought the free WK Firestorm Mustang was a rideable horse like the AKK horses but it was a pet that grows and needs caring.

Anyway, I spawned it at my place in Second Life but I'm not sure how long I can keep it spawned because the free WK Firestorm Mustang uses 22 prims and has a land impact of 22 as well.

Still, if you are interested in getting one then just go to the locations I listed above.

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