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BLUESTACKS 4, Play Mobile Games On Your PC

BLUESTACKS 4, Play Mobile Games On Your PC

BLUESTACKS 4, Play Mobile Games On Your PC

Bluestacks 4 is the latest version of Bluestacks which is a very popular Android Emulator for PCs or personal computers or desktop computers.

As a gamer, I love playing all kinds of games but, sadly, the only games I can play are computer games or games that will install and run on my somewhat already aging PC.

There are thousands of awesome and amazing games available on mobile phones and mobile devices like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Dragon Ball Z and others.

Believe or not, I don't have a mobile phone nor do I have any kind of mobile device where I can download, install and play any of the amazing games mentioned above.

My kids have mobile phones or mobile devices and they play all kinds of mobile games everyday but not me. I did have a mobile phone but it's an old Samsung DUOS 2 that I gave to my wife and she's using it now to receive calls, send and receive text messages and play simple mobile game like Zuma, Candy Crush and others.

She's also using my old Samsung DUOS 2 to access her Facebook account where she enjoys chatting with friends and family.

Now, since I don't have a mobile phone or a mobile device, I started looking for ways of playing mobile games on my somewhat aging PC in the internet and that is how I came upon or discovered Bluestacks a few years ago.

Thanks to Bluestacks, I was able to play all kinds of mobile games on my somewhat already aging PC.

I'm not sure what version of Bluestacks I started with but, I don't think that matters anymore, specially now that BLUESTACKS 4 is here.

BLUESTACKS 4, Play Mobile Games On Your PC

I un-installed my old installation of Bluestacks, went to Bluestacks website, downloaded Bluestacks 4, installed it and started playing a couple of games.

The first games I played in my freshly installed Bluestacks 4 were Daybreak Legends: Origin and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I played Daybreak Legends: Origin for a few minutes but played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for an hour.

So, for those who are interested in downloading, installing and trying out Bluestacks 4, all you have to do is go to

Don't worry about installing Bluestacks 4 because the installation is a very simple process. It's just a matter of running the Bluestacks 4 installation file and following a few simple instructions that mainly involve clicking on buttons.

If you need a guide in how to download and install Bluestacks 4 then I invite you to check out and watch the video below.

Running Bluestacks 4 for the first, after the installation, I was asked to select the language I prefer to use in Bluestacks 4 and I was also asked to login to my Google Account. I didn't know if I could skip this process but, in the end, I simply did what Bluestacks 4 asked me to do and that was to login to my Google Account.

After that, Google Playstore opened and it opened on the application page of Daybreak Legends: Origin. I'm not quite sure why Google Playstore opened on that page or on that particular game or application but I think it wanted me to install the game which I did.

I downloaded, installed and played Daybreak Legends: Origins for a few minutes and it was an interesting game with very simple game mechanics because almost everything was automated. The game had auto-questing and it also had auto-combat. Playing it was basically just watching it plays itself. LOL!

As mentioned above, I also played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Bluestacks 4 and I played it for an hour. I'm not good in playing MOBA games but, still, I find this game a lot of fun to play specially with Bluestacks 4 and it's very easy keyboard controls.

So, those were the first two games I played with Bluestacks 4. I didn't encounter any problems installing both games and I had no issues playing both games on my somewhat already aging PC.

Now, there was one thing that I did notice that was no longer happening when I was using this version of Bluestacks and it had something to do with hitching. You see, in this version of Bluestacks, the hitching that I was experiencing in Bluestacks 3 no longer happens. Unfortunately, I don't exactly know what's causing it but I'm very happy that it's GONE.

Well, it did say in Bluestacks official website that Bluestacks 4 is Simpler, Faster and More Powerful and, speaking of the official website, it also listed everything that are new in Bluestacks 4 and you can learn more about what those are in details by checking out the official website. In the meantime, see a brief list below:

• High Performance like never before
• Simpler UI
• New and Improved Keymapping
• BlueStacks Multi-instance
• BlueStacks Store and BlueStacks Points

In any case, I'm really, really happy with Bluestacks 4 right now. I've only tried playing a couple of games in my installation of Bluestacks 4 but I'm very positive that I won't have any problems installing other mobile games.

Because of Bluestacks and Bluestacks 4, I don't have this feeling of urgency in owning or getting or buying a mobile phone or a mobile device. If I want to use a certain mobile application or play a particular mobile game then all I have to do is run Bluestacks 4, open Google Playstore in Bluestacks 4, look for the application or game, download it, install it and enjoy using whatever that application or game is.

Of course, eventually, I will get or buy a mobile phone or a mobile device but I don't think that will happen in the near future and, even if I did get or buy one, Bluestacks will still be my first choice whenever I feel like playing mobile games because I'm always on my somewhat already aging PC anyway.

Again, if you are looking for a way to play those amazing mobile games on your PC, whether your PC is new or somewhat already aging, then look no further because Bluestacks 4 is finally here.

You can learn more and download Bluestacks 4 for FREE from it's official website at

By the way, if you have any comments, questions or reactions about this blog post then please post them in the comments section below. Thank you!

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