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Charge Of The Dragons • DRAGONS ATTACK In Shroud Of The Avatar

Charge Of The Dragons • DRAGONS ATTACK In Shroud Of The Avatar

Last week, at least four towns in Novia were attacked by Dragons and Avatars from all over New Britannia gathered to defend the towns and protect the people from the attacks.

The four towns that were attacked by the Dragons were the towns of Desolis, Snell's Bend, Dead Horse and Baubbleshire. Excluding Desolis, three of the four towns were Player Owned Towns.

The Dragon Attacks were brutal. hundreds of Avatars gave up their lives multiple times to stop the attacking Dragons. I should know because I was there.

In fact, I died a few times myself during the attacks even though I was only there to look at the Dragons and not to fight them nor kill them.

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So, why did the Dragons suddenly attacked these four towns? Based on what I've heard from other Avatars, the attacks were random and the Dragons came from the newly created Quel Shardfall.

It seems that the meteorite that created the new Shardfall uncovered an undiscovered Dragon Lair that disturbed hundreds of sleeping Dragons.

Awaken from their centuries of sleep and enraged by the destruction of their home, the Dragons took flight and head towards Human cities quell their rage.

Unfortunately for the Dragons, they were met with extreme resistance and where eventually defeated by the Avatars who came and defended the four cities.

For now, the Dragons have stopped their attacks and no Dragons have been seen wandering anywhere else in Novia. The towns are safe once again and the people are back to doing their day-to-day activities.

Will the Dragons attack again in the future? Not even the Oracle knows but if the attacks happen again then they will experience another humiliating defeat from the hands of the Avatars in New Britannia.

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