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Lot Deeds And Houses As Loot Drops, COMING SOON • Shroud Of The Avatar

Lot Deeds And Houses As Loot Drops, COMING SOON

Lot Deeds and Houses are becoming Loot Drops or Item Drops in Shroud of the Avatar and it's coming very, very soon.

One of the things people like to attack about Shroud of the Avatar is the availability of Lot Deeds and Houses, even though a player with enough game gold can buy them from other players.

Fortunately, a big additional change involving how Lot Deeds and Houses are acquired by players in the game was announced by Starr Long or Darkstarr in the most recent Monthly Livestream.

According to Darkstarr, Lot Deeds and Houses will become rare Loot Drops or Item Drops and it will use the same system used to drop Crowns of the Obsidians in the game.

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This is an amazing announcement because, now, everyone will have a chance of truly getting a Lot Deed and a House without spending any money in the Add-On Store.

In any case, players don't really need to spend money in the Add-On Store because there are always players out there who are selling Add-On Store items for game gold.

Anyway guys, what do you think about this additional way or change in getting Lot Deeds and Houses in Shroud of the Avatar? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below and, as always, if you are lagging badly in Shroud of the Avatar or in any online games then I suggest you try using WTFast.

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