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Crossroads Alleys, A New Market Town East Of Central Brittany

Crossroads Alleys, A New Market Town East Of Central Brittany

There is a new Market Town in Novia. It's located East of Central Brittany and it's called Crossroads Alleys.

According to the information posted on the Bulletin Board at the entrance of town, "Everyone is welcome here but don't expect to find any amenities. This is purely a Market Town."

As a pure Market Town, you will not see an excessive amount of town decorations. There are no Devotionals, no Oracle Confirmatory and not a lot of NPC Merchants.

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In fact, the most decoration you will see in Crossroads Alleys are Road Pavers.

Not having a lot of town decorations and NPC Merchants will make the Crossroads Alleys less laggy and, hopefully, that will also translate to better shopping experience for everyone.

For those Avatars who wish to setup a shop in Crossroads Alleys, they are required to follow a few very simple and very easy to follow rules and they are the following.

- have a vendor out front
- keep the vendor's orders fresh
- don't claim more than one lot
- don't go nuts with decoration
- don't be an ass hat

Personally, I think the rules are fair and acceptable and if they are acceptable to you as well then you are free to claim at least one available lot in Crossroads Alleys.

By the way, there are 125 Row Lots in Crossroads Alleys and, as of the recording of this video, only 6 Row Lots are claimed.

For more information about Crossroads Alleys, please message or contact "shawn" in-game who is the Governor of both Crossroads and Crossroads Alleys.

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