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Fortnite Now Bigger Than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Fortnite Now Bigger Than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Fortnite Now Bigger Than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Fortnite is now bigger than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and that is great but it's also giving them some problems.

According to an article in Game Debate, Fortnite is now officially bigger than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with 3.4 million concurrent players over the weekend and this is bigger than PUBG's 3.3 million players at its peak.

Unfortunately, the amazing growth of Fortnite is also giving the developer, Epic Games, some headache because players are now getting queues as long as 20 minutes just to log into the game.

Wow! 20 minutes is a very long time. I don't think I'll be able to wait that long just to play a game. It's better to simply just play another game than to wait 20 minutes but that's just me.

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The good news is, Epic Games is on top of the problem as stated in the Game Debate article and I quote, "The online team has been working diligently over the past month to keep up with the demand created by the rapid week-over-week growth of our user base."

Also in the article, it was stated that Fortnite and Paragon players should change their passwords for their Epic Games accounts because of a security breach.

Now, security breach or not, changing your passwords regularly is a very good way of keeping any of your accounts safe and secure.

So, for those who play both Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG, which of the two games is your favorite and why?

Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below and if you are interested in playing Fornite or PUBG then check out the links below.

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