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How To Play Shroud Of The Avatar For FREE?

How To Play Shroud Of The Avatar For FREE?

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is NOT a free-to-play game but anyone can still play the game for free through its Free Trial offer.

Unlike most games, Shroud of the Avatar's Free Trial offer is not limited to 7 days, it's not even limited to 14 days nor 30 days.

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In fact, it's not limited by days at all. You can play Shroud of the Avatar for FREE but with certain game elements disabled, as shown in the Free Trial offer page.

If you wish to enable everything then all you have to do is buy the full game from Shroud of the Avatar's Add-On Store or in Shroud of the Avatar's STEAM page.

Anyway, to get you started playing Shroud of the Avatar for free, you must first create a new Shroud of the Avatar account. After that, you'll need to download Shroud of the Avatar's game client installer and install the game.

When all that is done, just launch Shroud of the Avatar's game launcher, wait for it to finish patching, start the game, login to your newly created account and enjoy your adventure in New Britannia.

Once you're in New Britannia, you can ask for help or assistance from Avatars with the Hospitaller tag. You can also find help and assistance in Shroud of the Avatar's official forum and discord.

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