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Fornite Gameplay (12/7/2017) • Reached Top 10 Once, YAY! • Changing Resolutions

Fornite Gameplay (12/7/2017) • Reached Top 10 Once, YAY! • Changing Resolutions

Fornite Gameplay (12/7/2017) • Reached Top 10 Once, YAY! • Changing Resolutions

I had a chance of playing a little Fortnite Battle Royale today and it was very enjoyable even though I was getting a little bit of video lag while playing.

I guess that's understandable because I have a low-end gaming computer but it was still a little bit annoying specially during an encounter. Targeting becomes extra hard because the video was skipping or moving slowly.

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Nothing I can do about that except get a better computer with a better video card but that is currently impossible because, obviously, I don't have the cash. LOL!

Now, even with my computer struggles, I was still able to reach the Top 10 in one match by simply keeping myself hidden and away from other players.

Hiding is obviously a good strategy but, with less than 10 players left and with a very small playing area, encountering another player was inevitable. When that happened, it was match over for me. LOL!

To watch me hide and survive in Fortnite Battle Royale, watch the video below.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a fun free-to-play third person shooter but if you wish to play Fortnite Save The World mode then you'll have to get into the Early Access of the game and you can do that by getting the Fortnite Deluxe Edition.

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