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RF Online? What Happened To Cabal 2?

RF Online? What Happened To Cabal 2?

RF Online? What Happened To Cabal 2?

Back in 2015, PlayPark or Asiasoft Philippines announced Cabal 2 along with other online games like Special Force 2 and World in Audition.

Unlike Cabal 2, Special Force 2 and World in Audition got released. World in Audition didn't last long but Special Force 2 is still going strong.

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Since then, PlayPark Philippines has released other games like the original Special Force, Luna Online, Kritika Online and soon the old MMORPG, RF Online is coming back.

Now, what happened to Cabal 2? I've been anticipating the release of Cabal 2 for more than two years and, yet, there are no news or updates about its release.

As you can see from Cabal 2 Philippines' website, it still says COMING SOON. That is a very vague message and if they're not going to release Cabal 2 then PlayPark should just announce it.

I tried playing Kritika Online, I didn't like it, I'm not interested in Luna Online and I did play RF Online many years ago but it doesn't mean I'm interested in playing it again.

The game I was interested in 2015 was Cabal 2 and I'm still looking forward in playing the game but, right now, I'm not sure if Cabal 2 will ever get release here in the Philippines.

So guys, have you heard or read any news about Cabal 2 Philippines and what do you think of RF Online getting released once again? Post your answers, comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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