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WTFast Free Trial Now Requires A Payment Method

WTFast Free Trial Now Requires A Payment Method

Today, I learned a very annoying thing WTFast changed with its Free Trial. Now, those who would like to give WTFast a try are required to choose a Payment Method even though it's just a Free Trial.

For me, this is an annoying thing because it's just another barrier added by WTFast to stop possible WTFast users from trying the service. Why did WTFast added this change? I have no freaking idea.

It seems, WTFast is making changes that is designed to sabotage itself like making the Stats Mode and the Custom Game feature no longer available to free WTFast users.

WTFast also dropped the $5.99 US Dollar Basic Subscription and just kept the $9.99 US Dollar Premium or Advanced Subscription.

With new competitors like Outfox, Killping and Pingbooster who offers the same service for less cost, I am surprise that WTFast are making changes that can turn possible WTFast users away.

Other services that you can try are Battleping and Pingzapper. I don't have fresh information about these other services but give them a try and find out which one works for you.

So guys, is WTFast sabotaging itself by asking a Payment Method first before activating the Free Trial? Post your answers, comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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