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Let's Play Hyper Universe (10/22/2017) 🎮 Playing With Signal, Hyper From Space

Let's Play Hyper Universe (10/22/2017) 🎮 Playing With Signal, Hyper From Space

Selecting a title for this gameplay video in YouTube was very tricky. You see, YouTube now has a blacklist of words when used in titles or description and even tags of videos can invoke their automated bots that will unmonetized your video or, worst, flag your video for violating the Community Guidelines.

So, instead of Space Hunter Signal which is the name of the Hyper Character I used, I called him Signal, Hyper From Space just to be safe from YouTube's unforgiving SJW bots.

Let's Play Hyper Universe (10/22/2017) 🎮 Playing With Signal, Hyper From Space

In this Hyper Universe gameplay video, I played a match against the AI and I used the Space Hyper, Signal. He is a very cool Hyper and I like using him. (Play Hyper Universe →

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