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Audition Dance Battle Philippines enters the Next Level on their 11 th Anniversary (Press Release)

Local rhythm game undergo major KPOP metamorphosis for the Philippines

Makati city, Philippines - Can you feel the Hallyu fever 한류 or Korean Wave getting bigger and bigger? There’s no way that the country’s leading local rhythm game will not be riding that wave. Going on its 11 th year, Audition Dance Battle Philippines celebrates with a rebirth as Audition Next Level! This beloved free-to- play casual rhythm game comes with improved game quality, enhanced multi-layer security with its upcoming major server update and features never seen locally such as –

1. New songs and avatar items,
2. Tournament servers,
3. Mac boards, and
4. Single garden – to name a few.

Audition Next Level has everything existing and new gamers alike will surely enjoy.

Not a fan of KPOP?

Don’t worry. Audition Next Level is a well-rounded game that can fuel your competitiveness and dexterity. On top of that, having flourished these past 11 years, Audition Next Level prides itself with its diverse and well-accepting community coming from all walks of life. Students, professionals both young and old and even players from 11-years ago continue stay supportive through the years. Playpark Inc. will also spread the Audition Next Level fever with community-centric events for gamers at several locations nationwide.

Join the party by checking out Audition Next Level through any of the links below.

About Audition Next Level:
To Download the Game:
Welcome Package:
An old Level Up! player? Link up your LU Play to PlayID:
How to create PlayID:


About Audition Dance Battle Philippines: Audition Dance Battle Philippines is a downloadable multiplayer online casual rhythm game produced by T3 Entertainment. It was originally released in South Korea and has been localized by various publishers around the world.

About PlayPark Inc.: Formerly known as Playweb Games, Inc., PlayPark, Inc. is the publisher and operator of Level Up! ( and PlayPark ( in the Philippines. With a vast portfolio of hugely popular Massively Multiplayer Online Games, which includes RF Online, Special Force Online, Special Force 2, and Cabal Online, PlayPark Inc. is the leading game publisher in the online gaming industry in the country today.

About Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited: Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited ("Asiasoft") is a Leading Regional Online Entertainment Service Provider in Southeast Asia with a dominating market share in the region covering Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines. The company was established in Thailand in 2001 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 2008. The Company's affiliates are involved in international investment for online games publishing and development, as well as game portal services ( and other IT related business. Currently (1Q2016), we have 27 enjoyable and interactive online games from all over the world with more than 158 million registered IDs in the region.

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