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Albion Online Is Selling Trial Keys To Give To Your Friends

Albion Online Is Selling Trial Keys To Give To Your Friends

Albion Online Is Selling Trial Keys To Give To Your Friends

Today, Albion Online introduced a new way to invite new players to play the game. Instead of simply inviting new players and giving them 7-Days Free Trial, you'll have to BUY Trial Keys worth 1,000 Gold per Trial Key and give these Trial Keys to your friends to give them 7 Days Free Trial.

Now, if you look at Albion Online's Shop, you'll learn that Gold is a Premium Currency and that means you can buy Gold with real money. In fact, 750 Gold will cost you $4.95 US Dollars.

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So, buying a Trial Key to give to your friend for 1,000 Gold will probably cost you around $6 US Dollars per Trial Key. If you want to invite 10 friends to try Albion Online then that would cost you around $60 US Dollars. Basically, Albion Online wants you to pay them money to invite your friends.

Of course, you'll probably get back your 1,000 Gold and even get up to 4,000 more Gold but that will only happen if your friend or friends decide to buy the game. If not then say goodbye to your gold and money.

In this Invite a Friend Program by Albion Online, you will assume all the risk of spending and losing money while Albion Online risks nothing. In fact, this Invite a Friend program is a WIN-WIN for them.

So guys, what do you think of Albion Online's new Invite a Friend Program? Post your answers, comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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