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WTFast Stats Mode Now Requires A Subscription

WTFast Stats Mode Now Requires A Subscription

Before the recent changes and updates to WTFast, unsubscribed users or users with expired subscriptions, like myself, were still able to use WTFast in Stats Mode.

Today, when I tried logging in to my WTFast client, the following message appeared and I quote,"Premium Account Required" and clicking on the Maybe Later button will only return you back to the login window.

I tried logging in again a few times but the same thing kept happening. The WTFast client would not let me access the service even in Stats Mode.

Now, what does it mean? Well, the answer to that question is very obvious. WTFast is no longer allowing unsubscribed users to use WTFast even in Stats Mode. If you and I wish to use WTFast then we'll have to pay for the service.

The sad part about this change is the fact that it was not communicated anywhere. I would have never known about this change if I didn't update my WTFast client and tried logging in.

Unfortunately, without an active subscription, having WTFast active in the background does essentially nothing. So, it's best to remove it from your Start-Up programs to free-up some memory.

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