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Shroud Of The Avatar Recipes (8/25/2017)

Owl's Head

Carpenter NPC Merchant (Carpentry Recipes)

Recipe: Accordion
Recipe: Animal Whistle
Recipe: Arrow
Recipe: Bagpipes
Recipe: Bone Plate
Recipe: Copper Enforced Bone Plate
Recipe: Crimson Pine Binding
Recipe: Crimson Pine Binding
Recipe: Crimson Pine Board
Recipe: Crimson Pine Pole
Recipe: Crimson Pine Short Bowstave
Recipe: Crimson Pine Timber
Recipe: Crossbow
Recipe: Fan
Recipe: Flute
Recipe: Grand Piano
Recipe: Great Axe
Recipe: Greenhouse Four-Story (Row Home)
Recipe: Grey Pine Binding
Recipe: Grey Pine Binding
Recipe: Grey Pine Board
Recipe: Grey Pine Pole
Recipe: Grey Pine Short Bowstave
Recipe: Grey Pine Timber
Recipe: Halberd
Recipe: Hand Axe
Recipe: Hard Maple Binding
Recipe: Hard Maple Binding
Recipe: Hard Maple Board
Recipe: Hard Maple Pole
Recipe: Hard Maple Short Bowstave
Recipe: Hard Maple Timber
Recipe: Harp
Recipe: Harp & Drum One-Man Band
Recipe: Harpsichord
Recipe: Heavy War Hammer
Recipe: Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Recipe: Kettle Drum
Recipe: Large Harp
Recipe: Long Bow
Recipe: Lute
Recipe: Lute & Drum One-Man Band
Recipe: Mace
Recipe: Maple Binding
Recipe: Maple Binding
Recipe: Maple Board
Recipe: Maple Crossbow Stock
Recipe: Maple Handle
Recipe: Maple Heartwood
Recipe: Maple Long Bowstave
Recipe: Maple Pole
Recipe: Maple Short Bowstave
Recipe: Maple Timber
Recipe: Maple Timber from Scraps
Recipe: Masterwork Carpentry Upgrade
Recipe: Piano
Recipe: Pine Binding
Recipe: Pine Binding
Recipe: Pine Board
Recipe: Pine Crossbow Stock
Recipe: Pine Handle
Recipe: Pine Heartwood
Recipe: Pine Long Bowstave
Recipe: Pine Pole
Recipe: Pine Short Bowstave
Recipe: Pine Timber
Recipe: Pine Timber from Scraps
Recipe: Repair Kit for Carpentry
Recipe: Rock Maple Binding
Recipe: Rock Maple Binding
Recipe: Rock Maple Board
Recipe: Rock Maple Pole
Recipe: Rock Maple Short Bowstave
Recipe: Rock Maple Timber
Recipe: Rose Bouquet
Recipe: Shingle-Roof Four-Story (Row Home)
Recipe: Shingle-Roof Three-Story (Village Home)
Recipe: Shingle-Roof Two-Story (Village Home)
Recipe: Shingle-Roof Two-Story w/ Balcony (Village Home)
Recipe: Shogun Bungalow (Village Home)
Recipe: Short Bow
Recipe: Spear
Recipe: Staff
Recipe: Street Organ
Recipe: Tabor Drum
Recipe: Torch
Recipe: Twirling Baton
Recipe: Two-Handed Mace
Recipe: Walking Cane
Recipe: Wand
Recipe: War Hammer
Recipe: Wood & Plaster Burned (Village Home)
Recipe: Wood Pulp
Recipe: Wood Pulp from Scrap
Recipe: Wooden Bed Frame
Recipe: Wooden Phonograph
Recipe: Wooden Pipe

Corin, Decoration NPC Merchant (Decoration Recipes)

Recipe: Angled Stone & Wood Chimney
Recipe: Flat Stone & Wood Chimney
Recipe: Small Plain Longboat
Recipe: Small Plain Longboat Dry Dock
Recipe: Stone & Wood Chimney Floor Extension
Recipe: Stone & Wood Chimney Roof Extension
Recipe: Stone & Wood Fireplace
Recipe: Tall Stone & Wood Chimney
Recipe: Wood Mug

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