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20 Shroud Of The Avatar Botters BANNED By Chris Spears

20 Shroud Of The Avatar Botters BANNED By Chris Spears

Chris Spears, Tech Lord and Nerf Master of Shroud of the Avatar, recently posted in his Daily Work Blog about banning 20 Shroud of the Avatar Botters.

According to his post and I quote, "Travian meetings wrapped up early so I decided to take a pass on banning botters and banned the 20 most egregious offenders."

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List most MMORPGs, Shroud of the Avatar is not immune to botters but, unlike Free-To-Play MMORPGs, getting banned from Shroud of the Avatar will cost them.

In fact, 5 of those banned by Chris Spears were DevPlus accounts. These are player accounts that spent at least 450 US Dollars in the Bundle Store.

As you can see, getting banned from Shroud of the Avatar is a very expensive experience. Even if you only bought the Base Game, 40 US Dollars is nothing to joke about.

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So, if you are playing Shroud of the Avatar and you are botting or using macros then I suggest you stop your botting activities because, you'll never know when the Ban Hammer of Chris Spears will strike next.

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