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11,299.82 Linden Dollars Earned From VirWox ♥ Second Life

11,299.82 Linden Dollars Earned From VirWox ♥ Second Life

VirWox means Virtual World Exchange and it was once an authorized Third Party Linden Dollar Exchange until Linden Lab changed its rules regarding Third Party Linden Dollar Exchanges in Second Life.

Because of Linden Lab's sudden change of heart, VirWox is no longer allowed to Buy and Sell and Trade Linden Dollars but you can still earn Linden Dollars with VirWox, you just can't withdraw it in Second Life.

As you can see from this screenshot, my account balance in VirWox is currently at 11,299.82 SLL (or Second Life Linden Dollars). As I've said, I can't withdraw it in Second Life but I can withdraw it in US Dollars using PayPal.

So, how did I earned 11,299.82 Linden Dollars in VirWox? The answer to this question is simple and that is by simply referring those people who are looking to buy, not Linden Dollars but, OMC or Open Metaverse Currency.

Open Metaverse Currency is a virtual currency, like Linden Dollars, used in OMC-enabled grids like the OpenSim HyperGrid and it is also possible to exchange Linden Dollars for OMC and vice versa.

Obviously, I'm not interested in OMC because I don't frequent other Grids except Second Life but if you are or if you know anyone who frequents OMC-enabled grids then you can refer them to VirWox.

Now, are you interested in earning Linden Dollars in VirWox? If you are then create a free account and start referring people to VirWox (

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