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Ragnarok Online Philippines 2017 Publisher Recommends WTFast

Ragnarok Online Philippines Publisher Recommends WTFast

When the publisher of Ragnarok Online Philippines made its announcement about blocking players outside the SEA region because of lag, disconnection and overall server instability, it specifically recommended one VPN service and that service is WTFast.

I'm not sure if there is a partnership between WTFast and the publisher of Ragnarok Online Philippines but, what I'm sure is this, the publisher of Ragnarok Online Philippines knows that WTFast can help in reducing game lag.

I also know that WTFast now has a server in the Philippines and that means, if you are outside the Philippines, you can use it to bypass the country block and play Ragnarok Online Philippines with you family and friends again.

Now, before you go and pay for WTFast, I strongly suggest that you give it a try first. WTFast has a 14 days free trial and you can use those 14 days to see if WTFast will work for you.

If it works for you then great. Go and subscribe to WTFast. If not then you lose nothing.

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