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Ragnarok Online Philippines 2017 Blocks Players Outside SEA Region

Ragnarok Online Philippines 2017 Blocks Players Outside SEA Region

Ragnarok Online Philippines 2017 Blocks Players Outside SEA Region

One of the few games I'm casually playing right now is Ragnarok Online and I'm playing in the Philippines server because I'm in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, the publisher of Ragnarok Online Philippines has decided to block players who are not in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Obviously, this is not a very good news because there are many players in the Philippine server of Ragnarok Online who are not in the Philippines. Many of them are in other countries like Saudi Arabia, United States and other countries.

According to the publisher's announcement in its Facebook Page and I quote, "This is essential in preventing and reducing the issues consisting of Lag/Latency/Disconnections that have occurred in the previous days."

Which means, the publisher's only solution to solve lag and other connection issues is to suddenly and immediately prevent players in countries outside the SEA region from accessing the game.

Sadly, the disappointing part of this announcement is that many of these players already spent time, effort and real money on the game and, now, they are thrown away like pieces of trash.

Fortunately, there are ways of getting around this so called Country Block or IP Block. For example, you can use VPNs that has a server in the Philippines like VyprVPN, Hotspot Shield and even WTFast.

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