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EVE Online Gameplay 2017, Character Creation, Rescuing Survivors (7/2/2017)

EVE Online Gameplay 2017, Character Creation, Rescuing Survivors (7/2/2017)

EVE Online has a free-to-play option and that is the reason why I gave it a try. For an old game, EVE Online has some pretty graphics. In fact, the Character Creation kinda surprised me because of the level of customization that you can do with your character.

Another thing that surprised me was the massive amount of information displayed on screen. WOW, that was kinda overwhelming. I'm not sure if I can familiarize myself to all the things displayed on screen. LOL!

In any case, watch the video below to see me create my first character and go through the first mission of the game.

EVE Online Gameplay 2017, Character Creation, Rescuing Survivors (7/2/2017) 🎮 KABALYERO

In this EVE Online gameplay video, I created my first character and rescued three survivors from a wreckage caused by a Drifter attack which was part of the game's tutorial.

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