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Free WTFast Alternative • Outfox Beta

Free WTFast Alternative • Outfox Beta

Free WTFast Alternative • Outfox Beta

A few years ago or maybe a couple of years ago, WTFast removed its Free Basic Accounts option and that left hundreds if not thousands of Free Users in the cold, disappointed and even angry at WTFast.

Fortunately, there are WTFast Alternatives out there like Battleping, PingZapper, Killping and others. They all do the same thing and that is to improve the quality of your connection to the game server of the game you are playing by routing your game data on their own networks.

Unfortunately, none of these WTFast Alternatives are free. They all cost a few dollars a month to use their service but, here is some good news, recently a new WTFast Alternative called Outfox has started a beta test of their service and, because it's still in Beta, the service is currently FREE.

All you have to do is go to, create a new account, download Outfox, install it, run it and start playing your favorite online game. Now, if Outfox supports your game then Outfox will detect that game and, if possible then Outfox will try to lower your ping by routing your game data to its own network.

Again, just to remind everyone, Outfox is currently FREE because it's still in its Beta stage and that could change when Outfox goes commercial. So take advantage of Outfox NOW while it's still FREE.

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