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Checking Out Findupre, A Player Owned Town In Shroud of the Avatar • Town Check

Checking Out Findupre, A Player Owned Town In Shroud of the Avatar

Findupre is a player owned town located west of Xenos in Elysium Region. Findupre is also very close to Artifice and even Elysium Mines which makes it a good Player Owned Town to own a property.

There are available row lots in Findupre but if you wish to claim a lot in The Obsidian Alley then you'll have to message or contact the Governor, Mekong Peacemaker.

Watch the video below to see my Avatar run around the player owned town of Findupre. LOL!

Checking Out Findupre, A Player Owned Town In Shroud of the Avatar • Town Check

In this Shroud of the Avatar gameplay video, I was on my way to Elysium Mines when I stopped and decided to check out the player owned town of Findupre. (Remove lag in Shroud of the Avatar → and don't forget to TIP Channel of the Avatar → Thanks! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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