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Rocking Pilot, A Bullet Hell Twin Stick Shooter That Is Very Challenging And Fun

Rocking Pilot, A Bullet Hell Twin Stick Shooter That Is Very Challenging And Fun

A few days ago, I received a review copy of Rocking Pilot. Rocking Pilot is a new Twin Stick Shooter where you get to shoot down hordes and hordes of enemies. Seriously, bullets were everywhere and sometimes dodging them was impossible. Fortunately, in Rocking Pilot, you can deflect those bullets but only for a few moments.

As soon as I got my free Steam Key for Rocking Pilot, I immediately logged-in to my Steam account and activated the game. I didn't play Rocking Pilot immediately because I had other things to do but, when I did, I spent almost 20 minutes playing the game.

Unfortunately, I can't play shooting games like Rocking Pilot very long. The intense action and the way the game is controlled takes away a lot of stamina which happens when you get older but I can safely say that I enjoyed those 20 minutes.

Now, I never did fully understand why it's called a Twin Stick Shooter. My best guess is, it's because you control both the Helicopter and the Helicopter's shooting direction which I found very difficult at first.

I had to train myself to not just focus on moving the Helicopter but on shooting as well. Again, I don't play a lot of this so called Twin Stick Shooters or Shooters in general except maybe for First Person Shooters but those are very different from this one.

Okay so, the things that I like about Rocking Pilot are the following:

• I like the colorful graphics and the cartoony style of the art and the characters.
• I like the funny conversations the characters have during each missions.
• And I like how each mission is more challenging or difficult from previous missions

The only thing that I kinda didn't like about Rocking Pilot is the very small combat area where the action takes place. It made dodging very, very difficult but I also understand that it's part of what makes Rocking Pilot different and more challenging.

Now, will I recommend Rocking Pilot to you guys? Only if you guys enjoy challenging shooting games and if you are then, for only the cost of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese - Meal, get your hands on Rocking Pilot.

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