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Bought My Fourth Commission-Free Vendor, 480K IGG 💰 Shroud Of The Avatar

Today, I saw a fellow Avatar posted a message in the Trade Channel of Shroud of the Avatar Discord Chat saying something like selling a Commission-Free Vendor for 500k and other items.

I messaged the Avatar who posted the message and asked if I can buy the Commission-Free Vendor for 490K IGG. Unfortunately, I was too late because he already sold the Commission-Free Vendor to another Avatar.

Of course, I was somewhat disappointed because I really wanted to buy another Commission-Free Vendor because I kinda borrowed my Commission-Free Vendor in Beregost and moved it to Owl Sky City.

So, I needed another Commission-Free Vendor to replace the one that I borrowed from Beregost. By the way, Beregost is a really cool town and it's right next to Kingsport which puts it in a very good location for Player Vendors.

After learning that the Commission-Free Vendor that I wanted to buy was already sold, the next thing I did was, I posted a message in the Trade Channel of Shroud of the Avatar Discord Chat saying I was looking for a Commission-Free Vendor and I was willing to pay 480K IGG for it.

Bought My Fourth Commission-Free Vendor, 480K IGG 💰 Shroud Of The Avatar

A few minutes after posting the message, I got a message from another fellow Avatar who was willing to sell me a Commission-Free Vendor for 480K IGG.

I added him as a friend in-game, I switched to Multiplayer Mode, he added me to a party, I teleported to him and we made the trade.

So, instead of paying 500K or 490K IGG, I only paid 480K IGG for my fourth Commission-Free Vendor in Shroud of the Avatar.

Now, you too can get high-valued or dollar-valued items like Commission-Free Vendors by buying them with in-game gold. As you can see from my experience, I didn't have to spend real money to get this particular dollar-valued item.

Now, before you go and move on, I just want to say that if you are lagging in Shroud of the Avatar then I suggest that you give WTFast a try.

WTFast is not free but it has a 14 days free trial and you can use those 14 days to see if WTFast works for you.

The question now is, is WTFast allowed in Shroud of the Avatar? The answer to that question is YES. Asked both Lord British and Atos about using WTFast and they both said it's okay because WTFast is basically just a VPN.

WTFast doesn't do anything to your game data except re-routes it to its virtual private network called the Gamer's Private Network.

Remember guys, only use WTFast if you are really, really lagging badly.If not and you already have an awesome internet connection or if you are not lagging at all then don't even try using WTFast because it will not give you any further improvements.

WTFast is only for those who are truly lagging badly, have extremely high pings and have bad internet service providers that routes your connection all over the place.

Bought My Fourth Commission-Free Vendor, 480K IGG 💰 Shroud Of The Avatar

In this Shroud of the Avatar video, I talked about how I bought my fourth Commission-Free Vendor in Shroud of the Avatar. (Remove lag in Shroud of the Avatar →

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