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Shroud Of The Avatar Market Watch ๐Ÿ’ฐ COTO @ 2900, Brittany Fields Player Vendors (1/10/2017)

Shroud Of The Avatar Market Watch ๐Ÿ’ฐ COTO @ 2900, Brittany Fields Player Vendors (1/10/2017)

Brittany Fields is one of the NPC Towns around Central Brittany. It's an agriculture town and, I'm very sure, it has a few Player Vendors here and there. After almost 2 hours of running around, I did find a few Player Vendors and, to help me explore Brittany Fields, I used Sota Navigator.

Now, are you interested in checking out the prices of items sold by our fellow Avatars in their Player Vendors in Brittany Fields? If you are then simply watch the video below.

Shroud Of The Avatar Market Watch ๐Ÿ’ฐ COTO @ 2900, Brittany Fields Player Vendors (1/10/2017)

In this Shroud of the Avatar Market Watch gameplay video, I spent almost 2 hours checking Player Vendors in Brittany Fields. I used Sota Navigator to navigate and explore this NPC Town. (Remove lag in Shroud of the Avatar →

► Player Vendors
(Use the Time Stamp to quickly jump to each Player Vendor. It will save you from watching me run around while lagging badly and blabber about nonsense. LOL!)

2:05 → Geoff the Bear Tavern Trader (Good Location)
4:35 → Serpent's Watch Trader
6:00 → Snowman (+9 Items)
6:50 → Buy or I Kill Snowma (COTO @ 2900g)
8:30 → House of Mangar Exchange (Maple Wood)
10:45 → Deco and Dyes Ordered Here
11:20 → Stuff (Signs @ 500g)
15:15 → House Furniture and Arms
15:40 → The Nameless (+4 Items)
20:30 → Gareki's Fine Goods
21:20 → Ye Old Shoppe (Royal Purple Cloak)
27:20 → Jan 08 Aur Arg Mandrake
29:05 → Masterwork Swords
20:05 →  Crafting materials etc (Edelman Benefactor Village Home)
32:55 → Kellog Greymane
33:45 → Cooking Ingredients and Cotton (Raw Cotton @ 4.5g)
35:05 → Have a Happy New Year 2017 (Snowboy/girl @ 750g)
36:45 → Stews Salvage and Old Things (Citizen Benefactor Village Home @20k)
40:35 → Corner Store
41:50 → Brit Fields Corner Store (+10 +9 Items)
43:50 → Cotton Armor (+6 +5 +4 Items)
52:10 → Foods and Commodities
55:10 → Odds N Ends at Great Prices (Recipes @ 300g)
56:25 → Captain Mal's Trade Outpost
1:01:35 → BMC Deals Here More Upstairs
1:02:30 → BMC Cheap Stolen Goods
1:03:34 → DeMegg Shop
1:03:55 → Wurm (Obsidian Tower @ 590k)
1:13:15 → Merchant
1:15:00 → Scrapmade (Dyes @ 150g)
1:16:25 → Daniel Erb (Suet @ 400g)
1:21:00 → John Heison
1:22:05 → Discount Goods
1:22:50 → Vendor With A Long Name
1:25:50 → Discount Silver Ore and More (Dyes @ 200g)
1:27:45 → Rent a Farm
1:29:05 → Crafting mats and scrolls
1:29:30 → Pets Weps and Armors (+6 +5 +4 Items)
1:30:55 → Iron Gate Exports (Wax Cylinders @ 4999g)
1:35:35 → (Disconnected from the game by a Player Vendor)
1:42:05 → Pledge Items Vendor
1:44:10 → Addon and General Merchant (Small Old Keep @ 25k)

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