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Shroud Of The Avatar Market Watch ๐Ÿ’ฐ +11 Equipments, Lux Sanctuary Player Vendors (1/9/2017)

Shroud Of The Avatar Market Watch ๐Ÿ’ฐ +11 Equipments, Lux Sanctuary Player Vendors (1/9/2017)

It was only my second time in the Lux Sanctuary. The first time I was there, I delivered some items to a fellow Avatar but, this time, I was there to check out the prices of items listed in the town's Player Vendors.

Lux Sanctuary is located East of Nightshade Pass and south of Central Brittany. It is somewhere in the middle or center of the continent of Novia.

If you are interested to find out what the Avatars of Lux Sanctuary are selling in their Player Vendors then simply watch the YouTube video below. Please use the video tracking bar to navigate back and forth or check out the list of Player Vendors in the description of the video.

Shroud Of The Avatar Market Watch ๐Ÿ’ฐ +11 Equipments, Lux Sanctuary Player Vendors (1/9/2017)

In this Shroud of the Avatar Market Watch gameplay video, I went to the player owned town of Lux Sanctuary to check out the prices of items in the town's Player Vendors. (Remove lag in Shroud of the Avatar →

► Player Vendors

1:00 → Welcome to Lux Sanctuary (Donation Vendor)
1:45 → Kaelstrom Trading Company
2:10 → AC's General Store (+11 Equipments)
6:05 → Shades Sundries
7:30 → Wicker's Wonders
8:15 → Blacksmith (+6 +5 +4 Equipments)
11:50 → Crafting and Combat
13:15 → Scion the Lost and Found Vendor
15:30 → Besario the Gear Trader
16:10 → Livius the Paper Trader (Scrolls @ 150)
16:30 → Brevius the Agricultuer Trader
17:50 → Yulius the Yule Trader
19:35 → Sator's Stinky Sewer Shop COTO (gCOTO @ 2100)

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