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Where Is The Caravan To Soltown In Highvale? ★ Shroud Of The Avatar Release 32

Where Is The Caravan To Soltown In Highvale? ★ Shroud Of The Avatar Release 32

Hey guys! My name is Kabalyero and, recently, I had a problem in Shroud of the Avatar. It was a very small problem that involves the Caravan to Soltown in Highvale.

Where Is The Caravan To Soltown In Highvale? ★ Shroud Of The Avatar Release 32

While playing in the online mode of Shroud of the Avatar, I chose the path of courage and I was transported to a scene or event that happened in Highvale called the Battle of Highvale.

In this scene, the Battle of Highvale, I received two tasks that I can only complete in the town of Resolute. So, I got out of the scene and travelled to Resolute to complete the two tasks.

After completing the two tasks, I received another task from the Lord Marshal and, to complete this new task, I must travel to the City of Ardoris which is located Southeast of Novia.

To get to the City of Adoris quickly, the Lord Marshal told me to use the Caravan in Highvale. Supposedly, this particular Caravan will instantly take me to Soltown.

Unfortunately, when I got back to Highvale, I didn't find any Caravan that will take me to Soltown. I believe, I spent over an hour just looking for this Caravan to Soltown.

In the end, to get to Ardoris or Soltown, I had to travel manually over the Overland Map. It was a long journey but it was not a boring one and, besides, I enjoyed it very much.

Now, back to the question, where is the Caravan to Soltown in Highvale? Based on my experience, the Caravan to Soltown is definitely in Highvale but in a different scene.

Caravan to Soltown in Highvale

It's not in the normal Highvale scene but it's in the Battle of Highvale scene. Getting out of the Battle of Highvale scene changes the scene to the normal Highval scene where the Caravan to Soltown doesn't exist.

I'm not sure if that is a bug or something but that is definitely what happened to me when I was doing my first few tasks or quests in Shroud of the Avatar.

So, were you able to use the Caravan to Soltown in Highvale? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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