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Refugee Camp Arsonist Identity Revealed In Soltown ★ Shroud Of The Avatar

Refugee Camp Arsonist Identity Revealed In Soltown ★ Shroud Of The Avatar

Hey guys! My name is Kabalyero and welcome back to Shroud of the Avatar. Today, I'm going to try and reveal the identity of the person who tried to burn down the Solace Bridge Residents Refugee Camp.

Refugee Camp Arsonist Identity Revealed In Soltown ★ Shroud Of The Avatar

Looking at my Journal, I can see that a few people are somewhat involved in this case as an informant or a witness like Jeanne who found a strip of red cloth that came from the arsonist.

Of course, the main person involved in this case is Raymond because he was the one who chased away the arsonist and prevented the fire from burning the refugee camp to the ground.

So, the first thing I need to do is check for clues by searching for someone who has a red cloth and this is based on the information provided by Jeanne.

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Fortunately, none of the Solace Bridge Refugees seem to have any red cloth on them and, now, I'm going to check or investigate the residents of Soltown.

The town proper of Soltown is just up ahead but, before anything else, take a look at this.

As you have seen, player owned objects and items just instantly appeared out of nowhere and that is what's causing the lag spikes here in Soltown.

I'm now in the town proper of Soltown and I'm going to start checking the residents of Soltown to see if any of them has or have a Red Cloth on them.

I'm also going to check the houses and I will also try to talk to some of the residents again just to see if they have new information about the case.

Okay so, now I'm going to try and interrogate some of the people here in Soltown Inn. I've talked to them before but who knows I might just get lucky talking to them again.

Well, it seems that none of them knows anything about the Refugee Camp Arsonist but that doesn't mean I shouldn't check the rest of the building for clues.

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Sadly, I didn't find any clues in Soltown Inn and I don't think Chad would know anything about the fire nor the arsonist but I'm still going to give him a coin because the Oracle likes it.

Now, let's see if Edwin has new information about the Refugee Camp Arsonist. Unfortunately, the only thing he currently cares about is his cotton.

Okay so, I tried talking to Martin the Merchant again but he's just repeating what he said to me before. I didn't get any new information but I was able to sell some of my crap to him for a few gold.

So, talking to Martin was a dud and his place doesn't have any clues that will help me find the Refugee Camp Arsonist. So who do I talk to now? That is the question.

And look at that, it seems that Harry the Soltown Guard is the one who set the Solace Bridge Residents Refugee Camp on fire and now he is feeling guilty for doing it.

Well, he should feel guilty because what he did is wrong and dangerous. As a guard, his job is to protect the people but, instead of protecting, he tried to hurt them.

So, now that I know who caused the fire, the question now is, should I report Harry to Stanley or should I give the information to Raymond?

I guess I should give the information to Raymond because he was the one who asked me to find the person who tried to burn down the Solace Bridge Residents Refugee Camp.

And look at that, for solving the case of the Refugee Camp Arsonist, I received 7,500 experience needed for skill development.

I'm not exactly sure if my decision to give the information to Raymond is the correct decision but at least I was able to discover the truth about the fire and reveal the arsonist or person who caused it.

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