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YouTube Subscriber Purge ★ Lost 50 Subscribers ★ Channel Update

YouTube Subscriber Purge ★ Lost 50 Subscribers ★ Channel Update

YouTube Subscriber Purge ★ Lost 50 Subscribers ★ Channel Update

Hey guys! Welcome back! My name is Kabalyero and, recently, I just lost about 50 Subscribers in what some people are calling the Great YouTube Subscriber Purge.

As a very small YouTube Channel with a little over a thousand Subscribers, losing 50 is already a very big hit to my channel but, still, it's not as big as those YouTube Channels that lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

I'm not exactly sure when this recent YouTube Subscriber Purge happened but I do know that it happens every now and then.

Last year, one of my somewhat inactive YouTube channels lost around 200 subscribers. It was already at over 500 subscribers but, after the YouTube Subscriber Purge, the subscribers went down to just over 300.

Now, in this most recent YouTube Subscriber Purge, I haven't checked my other YouTube Channesl but this one, The Kabalyero Show, definitely got hit and it lost about 50 subscribers.

As for the reason why this YouTube Subscriber Purge is happening, I don't have an exact answer for it. It could be just YouTube removing inactive or dead YouTube accounts but some are saying that it was a YouTube glitch.

Now, if this is just YouTube cleaning the service of inactive and dead accounts then I have no problems with it but if it was a YouTube glitch or a glitch in the system then that is kinda worrying because no one wants to lose active subscribers.

Anyway, losing about 50 subscribers is a big hit but I'm sure I'll get them back eventually specially if those of you watching right now subscribe to the channel. So guys, hit that subscribe button to subscribe.

So, were you guys hit by this recent YouTube Subscriber Purge? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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