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WTFast No Longer In STEAM ★ What Happened???

WTFast No Longer In STEAM ★ What Happened???

Hey guys! If you are looking to buy a subscription to WTFast in STEAM then you are out of luck because WTFast in no longer in STEAM.

WTFast No Longer In STEAM ★ What Happened

Yesterday, I found out that WTFast is no longer in STEAM and that left those wanting to buy WTFast in STEAM somewhat disappointed.

those wanting to buy WTFast in STEAM somewhat disappointed

Of course, if they really want to buy WTFast then they can easily do that from the website of WTFast. They can also buy WTFast from online game stores like OffGamers.

In any case, I asked WTFast via Twitter if WTFast was removed by STEAM from its marketplace and the answer I got was and I quote, "We asked to be removed."

As for me, I haven't used WTFast since my last subscription and another free trial expired. Fortunately, I'm used to playing with lag and a ping of over 200 ms is like normal for me.

Still, having WTFast was great specially for games where I get pings of over 400 ms like SMITE because it brings it down to 300 ms which is still high but I digress.

I guess the next time I want to pay for WTFast I'll have to use OffGamers. I find it more convenient to use a Time Code than subscribing for a month but that will only happen if I make some money.

So, which do you prefer, monthly time codes or monthly subscriptions? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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