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My Fleet Got Wiped Out ★ Starships Lost In Star Trek Alien Domain (Gamer's Log)

My Fleet Got Wiped Out ★ Starships Lost In Star Trek Alien Domain (Gamer's Log)

My entire Fleet of Federation Starships got wiped out, destroyed, eliminated in Star Trek Alien Domain.

Star Trek Alien Domain is one of the games I'm currently casually playing and, in doing one of the missions, my Fleet was easily wiped out by three huge Defense Satellites.

Unfortunately, the lost was all my fault. I got too excited because my first attack on another Klingon Colony was successful and that made me very careless.

The first Klingon Colony that I attacked had a Strength 0 but the second Klingon Colony had a Strength of over 21,000 and my Fleet was no match for it but I still went in and attacked it.

The result was a total and complete annihilation of my Fleet. I lost a Galaxy Class Cruiser and 2 Constitution Class Cruisers and that hurt very, very much.

It was a hard lesson but I learned from it. Next time, I won't be too rash in attacking any Klingon Colony. With no Starships in my Fleet, I went back to base started creating new Starships.

Back in my Base, the first two Starships that I started building was the Defiant. Unlike, the Constitution Class, the Defiant is an escort Starship and it has more fire power than the Constitution.

By the way, I also started putting structures on my second Colony and this Colony is located a little bit further than my first Colony. Hopefully, the Klingons won't attack it too much.

So guys, what is you favorite Starship Class in Star Trek Alien Domain? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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