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WTFast Crack ★ Shared By FronkY GameR Infected With A Trojan ★ Gave Away WTFast

WTFast Crack ★ Shared By FronkY GameR Infected With A Trojan ★ Gave Away WTFast

Hey guys! My name is Kabalyero and, sadly, the WTFast Crack that was shared by FronkY Gamer in a comment is infected with a Trojan Virus.

WTFast Crack ★ Shared By FronkY GameR Infected With A Trojan ★ Gave Away WTFast

Recently, someone who calls himself FronkY Gamer shared what he calls the latest WTFast Crack that works in a comment in one of my WTFast Tutorial videos.

WTFast Crack Shared

I don't use WTFast Cracks but I sometimes download them just to scan them for infection and this particular WTFast Crack was no different.

Before downloading this WTFast Crack, I first scanned the source URL or link online through VirusTotal and the result was clean but it seems that VirusTotal can't detect everything.

WTFast Crack Infected With A Trojan Virus

Fortunately, my anti-virus caught the infection and immediately blocked and quarantined the WTFast Crack file. This WTFast Crack is infected with a Trojan Virus.

Seriously, FronkY Gamer, why are you trying to infect people's computers with a Trojan Virus using this WTFast Crack? That's not very nice of you.

Anyway, this particular WTFast Crack further proves that they are just vessels used by malicious people to spread and infect you with their viruses.

So guys, always keep your anti-virus programs, whatever it is, updated and set your computer to scan itself at least once a week.

Now, even if you know the person who gave you your copy of WTFast Crack, I strongly suggest that you don't use it because it's very possible that it's carrying a virus.

By the way guys, I just recently gave away a legit WTFast Premium Basic 1 Month Time Code to one very luck person in a giveaway and you can find out who got it by watching my Winner Announcement video.

So guys, are any you using a cracked copy or a copy of WTFast Crack? If you are then share your experience using your copy of WTFast Crack in the comments section below.

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