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SMITE Without WTFast ★ In-Game Ping Was Freaking Horrible (Gamer's Log)

SMITE Without WTFast ★ In-Game Ping Was Freaking Horrible (Gamer's Log)

Hey guys! Welcome back! I'm currently here at the Conquest Base Camp to tell you guys how freaking terrible was my in-game ping in SMITE without WTFast.

SMITE Without WTFast ★ In-Game Ping Was Freaking Horrible (Gamer's Log)

Guys, before I get into the details of my SMITE gameplay without WTFast, I just want to ask you guys for a little bit of help and that is by voting on my Video Entry in the ongoing Star Trek Alien Domain Video Contest. The link to my video entry page where you can vote is in the description of this video.

Star Trek Alien Domain Video Contest

SMITE is one of my favorite games even though I'm not very good at it because it's a MOBA and I'm not very good at playing MOBA games.

Still, I like to play it because it's fun and, unlike most, MOBA games, it's also very easy to play. Of course, you'll need actual skills to become competitive but I don't worry about that too much.

Recently, I played SMITE without WTFast and the ping that I got in-game was freaking horrible. How horrible was it? It was freaking over 400 ms.


Seriously, that is freaking insane and that is freaking horrible. Completing the entire match without struggling too much was nothing less than a miracle.

The God that I used in the match was Sylvanus and I'm pretty sure he was not happy with my in-game ping and he doesn't need to say anything to me because I can freaking sense it.

Seriously, how can you even compete with a ping of over 400 ms in-game? I think, even the best SMITE players will have problems playing with such a horrible ping.

Fortunately, there are ways of lowering this very high ping in-game and that is by using programs like Pingzapper, Battleping and WTFast.

Of course, my favorite is WTFast because it's the one that works best for me. If WTFast doesn't work for you then try using Pingzapper or Battleping.

Anyway, the link to where you can watch my gameplay video of SMITE without WTFast where I got an in-game ping of over 400 ms is in the description below as well as the links to Pingzapper, Battleping and WTFast.

So guys, for those who are still watching this video, are any of you using WTFast when playing SMITE? Share your experience with WTFast and SMITE as well as you comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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