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Donald Trump Head ★ Available In Second Life ★ Get Your Donald Trump Head Today, LOL!

Donald Trump Head ★ Available In Second Life

Donald Trump's big head is everywhere. In fact, you'll even find a Donald Trump Head in Second Life and, guess what, it's not FREE!

Donald Trump Head ★ Available In Second Life ★ Get Your Donald Trump Head Today, LOL!

Donald Trump is a Presidential Candidate in the coming US Presidential Elections and, because of the fact that Second Life is based in the US, I did a little search in Second Life Marketplace for Donald Trump and look at what I found.

I found a Donald Trump Head in Second Life Marketplace and, in the spirit of what Donald Trump is all about, his head is not freaking FREE!

If you are a big Donald Trump Supporter then I'm sure you have all the Linden Dollars in the world to get yourself a big freaking Donald Trump Head in Second Life.

There are two different versions of the Donald Trump Head sold in Second Life Marketplace. One cost 199 Linden Dollars and the other one cost 299 Linden Dollars.

I'm not sure why the two Donald Trump Heads are priced differently because they kinda looked the same to me but that's how the vendor are selling the two Donald Trump Heads.

Well, I'm sure there are people out there who've always wanted to become the next Donald Trump and now they can in Second Life.

Unfortunately, you will never see me buying this thing because one, I;m not a big fan of Donald Trump and two, the darn things look creepy and weird as crap.

So guys, are any of you planning on getting yourselves one of these Donald Trump Heads in Second Life? Share your answers as well as you comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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