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Tree Of Savior SEA Varena Server ★ Is The Server Really In The SEA Region?

Tree Of Savior has two SEA servers and they are the SEA Varena and SEA Telsiai servers. Currently, I can only access the SEA Varena server because the SEA Telsiai server is not open to new players.

Tree Of Savior SEA Varena Server ★ Is The Server Really In The SEA Region?

Now, while playing in Tree Of Savior's SEA Varena server, I was getting massive amounts of lag. It was like I was playing in Tree Of Savior's Klaipeda server.

Opening my Resource Monitor, I found out that my latency in Tree Of Savior's SEA Varena server was 220ms to 270ms. Is the SEA Varena server really in the SEA region?

If we compare it to Special Force 2 SEA that has its servers in Singapore then I should only be getting around 60ms to 80ms.

Now, checking the IP of the SEA Varena server, the location says its in Singapore. If that is the case then Tree Of Savior has some really bad servers.

Because of this really bad lag in SEA Varena, I decided to stay in Tree Of Savior's Klaipeda server. Yes, it's laggy but, at least, I don't have to re-start the game from the beginning.

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So guys, are you playing Tree Of Savior? If you are then in what server are you playing? Share your answers as well your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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