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L86A1 EOTech Unlocked ★ After 150 Hours In Special Force 2

Hey guys, today I made a big achievement in Special Force 2. I finally unlocked the L86A1 EOTech Machinegun in the game.

L86A1 EOTech Unlocked ★ After 150 Hours In Special Force 2

The L86A1 Machinegun is a favorite weapon of mine because it has a ton of bullets and it's somewhat accurate at long distances compared to the other machineguns in the game.

As a gamer, I'm not very good at first-person shooting games and, that is why, having a ton of bullets is a great help to me because I can just spray and pray all day.

Unlocking the L86A1 EOTech Machinegun was a big achievement for me because I had to use the normal L86A1 for 150 hours in all matches. It took me about 5 months because I stopped playing the game for a while.

The L86A1 EOTech Machinegun is very much the same as the normal L86A1 and the L86A1 Open Dot. The only difference that I can see between the three is the sight.

Of course, having a better sight means better accuracy but that doesn't really work for me because, as I've said, I simply spray and pray in every game.

Now, the next gun I want to unlock all versions is the UMP45 Submachinegun. Unfortunately, I don't have enough GP to buy it from the Shop. It cost 45,000 GP and I only have like over 20,000 GP currently.

So guys, are any of you playing Special Force 2? What is your favorite gun in the game? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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