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Dislikes On YouTube ★ Do They Matter ★ Are Dislikes Bad?

Dislikes On YouTube ★ Do They Matter ★ Are Dislikes Bad

Hey guys! My name is Kabalyero and today I'm going to talk briefly about Dislikes On YouTube, Why Do They Matter and Are Dislikes Bad?

Dislikes On YouTube ★ Do They Matter ★ Are Dislikes Bad?

Many YouTubers are so afraid of getting Dislikes on their videos. Why are they afraid of it? I don't really know but I guess they think it's the end of the world for them in YouTube.

Guys, getting Dislikes and getting a lot of them on your YouTube videos is not the end of the world because getting Dislikes is not generally a bad thing.

First of all, getting Dislikes matter because it tells you something about your video by giving you an idea on why your video was disliked and the reasons could be, literally, anything.

Maybe the viewer didn't agree with your opinion or didn't enjoy your music or didn't like the quality of your video. Whatever the reasons are, getting Dislikes gives you an overall idea on what to improve in your next videos.

Another reason why Dislikes matter is the fact that it's a good indicator of viewer engagement or interaction. Seriously, most YouTube viewers are passive viewers. They just watch videos and don't do anything else.

Getting Dislikes on your videos means you were able to invoke a reaction from your viewer and YouTube likes that because it's something YouTube can measure.

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Dislikes as well as Likes, Comments and Shares, simply tell YouTube that your viewer interacted or engaged with your video and that is definitely NOT a bad thing.

So, the next time you get a Dislike or Dislikes on your videos, don't be sad, don't be angry, don't be discouraged and don't worry too much about it.

In fact, you should take advantage of it by using it as a motivator to never give up, to keep on improving your videos and to keep growing your channel.

A Happy Troll

By the way, there is another reason why Dislikes matters and that is, it makes TROLLS happy and, when TROLLS are happy, they will keep on returning to your channel to watch more of your videos.

In any case guys, do you lose any sleep or does it bother too much when viewers Dislike your videos? Share your answers as well as you comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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