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Airstrike HD ★ I Got The Game For FREE

Airstrike HD ★ I Got The Game For FREE

Airstrike HD, what the crap is this game all about? Well, Airstrike HD is a very simple game where you get to drop bombs on buildings and houses from a plane.

Airstrike HD ★ I Got The Game For FREE

Why do you want to drop bombs on buildings and houses? Well, maybe there are bad people inside or maybe these buildings and houses are already condemned and you are just demolishing them.

Free Airstrike HD

Honestly, I have no freaking idea because I haven't played Airstrike HD yet but I did get Airstrike HD for FREE from FAILMID. I saw a Tweet about it, clicked on the link and got Airstrike HD.

Airstrike HD 100% Discount

Unfortunately, this Free Offer will only last for a few days. After that, Airstrike HD will go back to it's original price of 1.99 US Dollars in FAILMID. When that happens, you can still get the game at a cheaper price at G2A.

Airstrike HD G2A

Airstrike HD Mixed Ratings

I'm not sure if Airstrike HD is any good but, currently, Airstrike HD has a mixed review ratings in STEAM and, that means, some people like it and some people don't.

Anyway, I don't really care if Airstrike HD is good or not because I like collecting and adding games to my STEAM Library and that is why I got this game.

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Why the hell not? Getting Airstrike HD did not cost me anything because I got it for FREE. Airstrike HD is now in my STEAM Library just waiting for me to play it which I will but not just now.

So guys, were you able to get Airstrike HD for FREE as well? Share your answers as well your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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