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Supernova MOBA ★ 5v5 Tutorial ★ Me & The Computer Versus The Computer O_o

In my latest Supernova MOBA gameplay video, I completed the 5v5 Tutorial of this new MOBA game called Supernova MOBA.

Supernova MOBA ★ 5v5 Tutorial ★ Me & The Computer Versus The Computer O_o

This tutorial called 5v5 Tutorial is a great tutorial for those who are new to Supernova MOBA and MOBA games in general because it's an actual 5v5 battle or match against computer controlled Commanders.

My team had 5 Commanders as well as the opposing team but all of the other Commanders are bots or computer controlled but it doesn't matter because the entire match is a learning match or a tutorial.

Just like with other MOBA games, the match was 5-on-5, the map had three lanes, there were guard towers and a main base for each team. The objective is also the same which is to destroy the other team's main base.

Of course, Supernova MOBA is also very different from other MOBA Games because it has elements of a Real Time Strategy Game as well and I was able to apply those elements in action in this 5v5 Tutorial.

Unfortunately, even with playing against computer controlled Commanders, I still suck at playing MOBA games. I enjoy playing MOBA games but I don't think I'll ever be good at it.

Anyway, watch my full Supernova MOBA 5v5 Tutorial gameplay video below.

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