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Special Force 2 Philippines ★ 70 - 110 ms, WTF!!!

Special Force 2 Philippines, why on Earth am I getting 70 to 110 ms when I'm already in the Philippines?

Seriously, what the crap is wrong with your servers? The location shown in Special Force 2 SEA's game launcher is Philippines.

If that is the case then why is my ping jumps from 70 to 110 ms when playing Special Force 2 when I'm also in the Philippines. It should be lower than that.

Here is what I think, I think the servers of Special Force 2 SEA are not in the Philippines even though it says Philippines in the Game Launcher.

I think the servers of Special Force 2 SEA are somehwere in either Singapore or Malaysia because there is no way the servers are in the Philippines based on the ping I'm getting in the game.

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Of course, these are just my thoughts. I have no way of absolutely knowing but I think my guess is a very good guess because the ping of 70 to 110 ms is just too high if the servers are in the Philippines.

Now, if my guess or thoughts are true then it does not make sense to have the servers somewhere else when almost all of Special Force 2 SEA's players are in the Philippines.

So guys, where do you think the servers of Special Force 2 SEA are located? Share your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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