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Khan Online (STEAM ) ★ Juno's Troublesome ★ Hunted Bandit Warriors

Recently in Khan Online, I hunted Bandit Warriors to help out Juno who is a Merchant just outside the South Gate of Wroclaw.

One of the most recent quests that I got from Sarasate in Wroclaw was the quest to help Juno called Juno's Troublesome. I know the name of the quest sounds weird because it should be Juno's Troubles but I digress.

According to Sarasate, Juno who is a merchant just outside the South Gate of Wroclaw was having problems with Bandit Warriors. Sarasate asked for helped regarding the problem and I accepted.

I took my character to the South Gate of Wroclaw, went outside and talked to Juno. Juno was having problems with Bandit Warriors and it's affecting her business.

After helping her with her Lizardmen problem, now she needs help with her Bandit Warriors problem. To help Juno, I just need to defeat or hunt down at least 15 Bandit Warriors.

The quest was easy, the only thing that made it difficult was the bad lag. I could actually feel how laggy the game was and it was affecting my gameplay.

Anyway, I eventually defeated 15 Bandit Warriors and that made Juno happy. As a reward for helping her, I received 1 Fame Point which did nothing for my character. LOL!

So guys, if you are reading this and it got you interested in Khan Online then you can check it out in STEAM. Khan Online is a free-to-play fantasy themed MMORPG released over a decade ago.

The version of Khan Online running in STEAM is private server published by Blaze Gamers. This version of Khan Online is also called Blaze Khan or Khan Blaze.

For those playing in the STEAM server of Khan Online and are lagging badly then try reducing your lag with WTFast.

It's not free but it has a 14 days free trial which gives you enough time to test and see if it works for you. Download WTFast from the official WTFast website.

Please watch my full Khan Online gameplay video for this blog post below. Thank you.

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