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How I Got WTFast FREE (April 10, 2016)

Today, I got WTFast Free. I currently have at least 1 month of access to WTFast for free and here is what I did to get it for free.

How I Got WTFast FREE

Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Kabalyero and today I'm going to share to you how I got WTFast Free for 1 month and, when I say free, I meant I did not use any of real cash to pay for it.

In my video titled "Possible Way Of Getting WTFast Free" I talked about the possibility of getting WTFast through a rewards website called Stuffpoints. If you have not seen that video then watch it below.

Now, in my follow-up video titled "Redeemed $10 STEAM Cash In Stuffpoints" I showed how I used my Stuffpoints to redeem a STEAM Cash Reward worth $10 US Dollars. Watch the video below.

Today, Stuffpoints delivered the STEAM Wallet Code for that $10 STEAM Cash Reward and I redeemed it in my STEAM Account which means, I now have, $10 worth of cash in my STEAM Wallet.

Unfortunately, since I'm not in the US, STEAM converted the money from US Dollars to my country's currency. Don't worry about the currency used because it's still worth $10 US Dollars.

Now, that I have money or cash in my STEAM Wallet, I went to the STEAM Store Page of WTFast and paid for WTFast 1 Month 1 Comp Basic.

After the transaction completed, I immediately run WTFast, logged-in to my account and it was automatically updated. As you can see, I now have like 31 days access to WTFast Basic.

31 Days WTFast Basic

So guys, I'm not really sure if you are getting what I'm saying here but I do hope that what I'm sharing to you is simple enough to understand because that is how I got WTFast for Free.

I know it's a very long process and it takes time and some work but if you are looking for a legit way of getting WTFast Free then I guess this is just one method of doing it.

Watch the video version of this blog post below. Thank you.

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