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Freedom! Network Partner Revenue Share Increase Requirements

Freedom! Network Revenue Share requirements for increasing your Revenue Share with Freedom Network.

Freedom! Network Partner Revenue Share Increase Requirements

Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Kabalyero and I just want to share this information to those Freedom Network Partners who are wondering what are the requirements for increasing their Revenue Share with Freedom! Network.

Last March 2016, when this channel was still with Freedom! Network, I requested for an increase but my request was denied. The reason given to me was that this channel was already getting the Revenue Share it deserves based on their requirements.

I asked what those requirements were but Freedom! Network said it was an internal thing and that they decided not to set any public requirements which is not actually 100% true.

I'm not really sure how I found it but Freedom! Network does have a published public requirements regarding Freedom Network Partner Revenue Share increases.

Why Freedom Network said they don't have a set public requirements is beyond my understanding but, as you can see from the screenshot, they do have one because if not I won't be able to find it and take a screenshot of it.

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So, again, if you are a Freedom Network partner and you are wondering what the requirements are in increasing your Partner Revenue Share then, even if they say they have other requirements, at least, now you have an idea.

So guys, if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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