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Extra Jing Wei Codes For SMITE PC ★ SMITE God Codes Giveaway

Extra Jing Wei Codes for the PC version of SMITE. If you want one then continue reading blog post.

Hey guys, welcome back! My name is Kabalyero and I got myself 3 extra Jing Wei Codes for the PC version of SMITE and I'm giving it away to you guys.

Jing Wei is a new playable God in SMITE and she is the type of God that is easy to play but hard to master and that is how the developers of the game describe this new God.

I was able to get four Jing Wei Codes for the PC version of SMITE, used one of the codes and now I have 3 extra Jing Wei codes to giveaway to you guys.

Again, I only have 3 extra Jing Wei Codes and that means only 3 of you guys can get it. All you have to do to get one is follow the instructions in the Giveaway Widget below.

3 Extra Jing Wei Codes For SMITE PC Giveaway

Now, if you are not yet playing SMITE but you've always wanted to give it a try then CLICK HERE to download SMITE for free and to sign-up for a free SMITE account.

By the way guys, if you are lagging badly in SMITE then try using WTFast. Of course, if WTFast doesn't work for you then try using a WTFast Alternative like Battleping or Pingzapper.

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