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Doom Open Beta ★ Mostly Negative Reviews In STEAM

Wow! DOOM Open Beta is currently has Mostly Negative Reviews in STEAM.

Doom Open Beta ★ Mostly Negative Reviews In STEAM

Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Kabalyero and I just want to share to you guys this news about the ongoing DOOM Open Beta.

Well, it seems that a lot of you guys are not enjoying this latest version of a once very popular first-person shooting game called DOOM.

As of this video, DOOM Open Beta currently has Mostly Negative Reviews in STEAM and I'm going to read to you some of this negative reviews.
  • One more Universe that Bethesda popularized for casual playing. It’s bland, boring, like-many-others, mediocre product.
  • This isn't a Doom game, it's a Halo game using the Doom license.
  • I unlocked a taunt for my character represented by a teabag icon. I dunno what that is, but thats not DOOM.
  • As a huge DOOM fan i cant bring myself to like this game its horribly boring and its horribly not DOOM.
  • Reflex, a 10$ indie game on Steam, is more of a DOOM game than this 60$ AAA game.
  • Total let down. Not fun at all.
  • If you loved the original Doom then avoid this like the plague.
Okay so, almost all the Negative Reviews say one thing in common and that is this version of DOOM is not DOOM at all.

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Anyway, I wanted to give this new version of DOOM a try but the download size of 22 GB kept me away from it because it will take me almost a day to finish downloading it.

Now, with all these negative reviews, I guess my decision to not download this latest version of DOOM was spot on.

So guys, my question to you is this? If you were able to play in DOOM Open Beta then was it the game you were expecting or was it a disappointment? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions and reactions in the comments section below.

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