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WTFast Crack Life Time Video Stole My Video Thumbnail

A WTFast Crack Life Time video in YouTube stole one of my Video Thumbnails.

WTFast Crack Life Time Video Stole My Video Thumbnail

Today, I discovered a WTFast Crack Life Time video that was using one of my Video Thumbnails. The stolen Video Thumbnail was for my video titled, WTFast Crack Use Will Increase In 2016.

Stolen Video Thumbnail

As you can see from the screenshot, the YouTube channel that stole my Video Thumbnail was a YouTube channel that already has at least 2000 subscribers.

This particular YouTube channel is not just stealing content from smaller YouTube channels, it's also spreading a malware infected copy of WTFast.

In one of my recent videos, I downloaded this so called WTFast Crack Life Time file, scanned it online and it was detected to carry something not good. Watch the video below:

Anyway guys, if you are trying to grow your YouTube channel then I can safely say that stealing or using other people's thumbnails is not the way to go. Besides, creating a Thumbnail is very, very easy.

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