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Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.18.2016 ★ Blew Up Two Watchtowers In Trinium Wars

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.18.2016 - I blew up two watchtowers in Trinium Wars with bombs made by Miguel.

Watch the video version of this Gamer's Log below:

In my recently published Trinium Wars gameplay video, Miguel made some bombs and gave me a quest to blow up the Watchtowers on the Shamak base using the bombs he made.

Of course, all I can do was accept the quest because if not then nothing will happen. The story of the game won't go anywhere. At least, I think it won't but I could be wrong.

So, I took my character to where the Watchtowers were located and planted a High Power Bomb under each Watchtowers.

Of course, it wasn't that easy. On my way to the Watchtowers, I had to fight and defeat a few Shamak Sentinels who were guarding the Watchtowers.

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.18.2016 ★ Blew Up Two Watchtowers In Trinium Wars

A few moments after planting the bombs, there was a huge explosions, soldiers suddenly  appeared and assaulted the Shamak Base.

Completing the quest started another quest called The Mission Of The Liberation Front and all I had to do to complete this quest was to stand on a glowing circle infront of the Prison Entrance.

Watch my Trinium Wars gameplay video for this Gamer's Log below:

So guys, if this video got you interested in Trinium Wars which is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi themed MMORPG and you want to give it a try then you can get an Early Access to Trinium Wars here.

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