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Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.14.2016 ★ Fixed Broken Machine Gun Turrets In Trinium Wars

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.14.2016 - I got to fix four Broken Machine Gun Turrets in Trinium Wars.

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.14.2016 ★ Fixed Broken Machine Gun Turrets In Trinium Wars

In my latest Trinium Wars gameplay video, I accepted a Special Quest called Shamak Alert from a soldier named Miguel.

Again, this was a very easy quest because all I had to do was fix 4 Broken Machine Gun Turrets. These Machine Gun Turrets are there to protect the camp from Shamak attacks.

Fixing these Broken Machine Gun Turrets were easy, all I had to do was get close to a Broken Machine Gun Turret and double click on it. My character will automatically do the fixing for me.

Completing this Special Quest rewarded me and my character with 2 HP 600 Healing Potions, 1 Badge of Good Helper, 110 Exp and 420 gold.

Watch my Trinium Wars gameplay video for this Gamer's Log below:

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Watch the video version of this Gamer's Log below:

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