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Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.10.2016 ★ Escorted & Rescued Refugees In Trinium Wars

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.10.2016 - I finished a couple of quests or missions where I escorted and rescued refugees in Trinium Wars.

(Watch the video version of this Gamer's Log above)

The first quest that I did in Trinium Wars was the Escort Refugees quest but it was a super easy quest. I completed it by simply talking to a soldier named Collin.

The next quest was more interesting. It was called Rescue The Refugees quest and it was a quest given by Collin who was busy shooting his rifle while he was giving the quest.

Soldier Collin shooting his rifle while giving a quest in Trinium Wars

To complete the Rescue The Refugees quest, I had to rescue 1 Isolated Woman, 1 Isolated Citizen and 1 Isolated Bald from Shamak Hunters.

Okay, I get the Isolated Woman and Isolated Citizen but Isolated Bald? Did they run out of cool NPC names? Why not just call him Isolated Man instead? Anyway, I digress.

Rescuing all Isolated People completed the quest and I got myself some items from a soldier named Trevor.

(Watch my gameplay video of Trinium Wars above)

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Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.10.2016 ★ Escorted & Rescued Refugees In Trinium Wars

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