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Freedom! Network Increased My Revenue Share From 70% To 70% WHAT!!!

Freedom! Network increased my revenue share from 70% to 70%. What kind of increase is that?

Freedom! Network Increased My Revenue Share From 70% To 70% WHAT!!!

Around April of last year, I asked Freedom! Network for a revenue share increase and it was granted. Freedom! Network increased my revenue share to 70%.

Just recently, I asked Freedom! Network again for another revenue share increase and, guess what, a Freedom Support Staff enthusiastically replied to my support ticket saying and I quote, "We just increased your revenue share to 70%! I hope you enjoy this extra piece of revenue."

Seriously, my mind was blown away because how can someone call it an increase when I was already receiving 70% revenue share.

From 70% to 70%, I'm not sure what's Freedom! Network's definition of an increase but 70% to 70% is not what I call an increase. It's more like, it stayed the same.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, my Revenue Share was not increased and I was told to try and apply for an increase again in the future.

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